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Some very nice unsolicited comments from some very nice solicited people.


Chris Lieber/Bill Mallers (music/sound design)—Thanks for getting it right. And letting us go a little louder. Chris, special mention for being able to talk sound as well as produce it. I’m still not sure what phasing means. Also, thanks for always having a beer in your refrigerator with my name on it.
Matt Georgi, Creative Director, Asher Agency
Thanks again so much. I’m pretty much hysterical right now. There’s no way I’m going to get the work done that I needed to finish tonight now.
Cory Hill, Artist, ?Funny White Room?
Hey Liebermeister, Just homeish—remind me to tell you about our police escort from the concert to the airport —and already listening to the CD. Wow! It sounds great! What a terrific time I/we had. Thanks so much for helping make this one of the best weekends I’ve had in many a fiscal quarterly. Again, thanks to you and Bill.
Henry ?Hank? Sapoznik, Producer, The Youngers of Zion
Who knew I’d have a DVD with 5.1 sound! You did! I LOVE what you did – you added so much & gave it lots of love. For that I thank you. You’re a bad ass and a fancy pants!
Jennie DeVoe, Artist, ?Fifth & Main?
I think the quote should be, "working with Chris is like the act of self-masturbation" ;) but if you want something serious, I will have to think.
Kevin Andrew Crafton, Artist, Infinite Band
(The client) really, really, liked the music and we got sign-off on everything yesterday. Everyone is very happy with the spot. Thanks for your great work.
Chris Wertz, Producer, Creative Street
You've done a fantastic job for us on everything we've handed you. Can't wait to see what you do when we give you more than three seconds to think about it. I'm delighted to be in Indy and am even happier to find such talented folks to work with. Looking forward to lots of years of great work and great fun.
Karen Chakiry, Sr.V.P. Executive Creative Director, Publicis Indianapolis
Thanks so much...for your contribution to the disc. I had a great team in Maryland where we cut the tracks, but I had the best for my overdub guitar session in Indy with you! Thanks, friend.
Tad Robinson, Artist, 'Back for More'
You guys did great. It was a real rush to be in the room with the musicians as they were laying down the tracks. Thanks for doing such a bang-up job under the tight deadline. As always, it was a pleasure to work with you all.
Paul Gosselin, Associate Creative Director, New West Agency