We Make Music.
Recording studios in Broad Ripple Village, Indianapolis. ISDN. Advertising music. Everything for artists and producers.

About the Studio

We often refer to the rippleFX: building as the 'clubhouse'. No, you don’t have to wear a funny hat to get in. (Although you may win style points) It’s a very unpretentious place. No terrazzo marble floors, no glass enclosed vintage guitars, no chrome and glass furniture. Just a great space to be creative. About 3800 square feet of it. Oh, and our wicked Hammond B-3.

There’s a “vibe” to this place. An honesty. Like a worn pair of jeans that feel really comfortable. Some of us take our shoes off. Not because of the carpet, but because it feels good.

Here's a picture of the front of our place taken on a beautiful Indiana summer day. Chris' studio is upstairs, and Jason's is downstairs. And that's Jason's truck on the right. Try not to park there. He thinks he owns that spot.

The Building


And this is the side view of the building. Bill's studio is to the left. From this view, you can see our well-regarded deck located above and between the main buildings. Next to the entrance, that's Chris' 1984 Honda V65 Sabre (1100cc). It's almost as old as he is.

Side view

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