We Make Music.
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Music Supervision

Anyone who doesn’t like music can leave now. Thought so. We love music so much we made it our lives. We’ve been performing in bands and CD projects since before, well, before there were CD’s. Artists send us their CD’s. We listen to them and pick out the good ones. The songs stick in our enormous music brains. These experiences plus our expert interpretation of advertising needs gives us the cred to be your sup.

So what does a music super do?

Music Supervision is the art of matching the right song to the right situation. Whether that means searching in our own database of artists, or negotiating rights for a nationally known song, we do it. Do you want to have your next short song (we still call them jingles) performed by “The Pieces”? We’ve done that. Think the song “Heartbeat” would be perfect for your next hospital spot? We can get it for you. Maybe you want to license “Can’t Always Get What You Want” for a holiday TV campaign. Been there.

Indie bands are willing and able to perform on your next spot but don’t always understand how the business works. We do, and that can be very handy for you. And them.

Basically, if it has anything to do with music, we can help.


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