We Make Music.
Recording studios in Broad Ripple Village, Indianapolis. ISDN. Advertising music. Everything for artists and producers.


Once we've finished your project, it needs to be delivered to the suits, the stations, the mastering guys, your brother-in-law, whoever. You've got options.

For finished radio spots, we recommend FirstSpin or DGFastChannel. You send the traffic, we send the spot, the client rakes in the dough. We also have an easy-to-access FTP folder for those emergency after hours pick-ups. We call it our Public Folder. It's the little red button up there in the corner

For work in progress, we have our Client Extranet. That's our web designer's fancy name for our FTP service. You get a secure password-protected folder for your files with email notification when files are added or updated.

And speaking of email, a lot of people just want their files attached to an email. O.K. We know how to do that too.

And of course, we can make you CDs or DVDs of your project if that's what you need.

And for the luddites, we still have a cassette recorder, a 1/4" tape deck and a VHS machine.

Unfortunately, we no longer have our 8 track, wire recorder or lathe. Sorry.