We Make Music.
Recording studios in Broad Ripple Village, Indianapolis. ISDN. Advertising music. Everything for artists and producers.

Production Environment

You might be wondering if we're a real studio. Well, fear not! We've been living at the crossroads of business and audio for a long time, and we know just what to do. We're twisted enough to make it sound great, but straight enough to know what our meters are for, and which ones are important for your project. We might mix it in 5.1, we might mix it in mono. If you're a veteran producer, you can rest assured that we've got all the gizmos and connectivity to make remote production fast and easy, and amenities enough to make your snootiest clients comfy. No pool or guest house, but you can sleep on a couch and wash up in a clean restroom. If you want techie specifics, read on!

  • Three interconnected production suites
  • Networked digital audio & video lockup
  • Lots of speakers
  • Broadband internet access
  • Satellite TV
  • Chairs & couches
  • Coffee & snacks


  • Pro Tools™ HD|3(+1) - 5.1 & stereo mixing
  • Pro Tools™ MixPlus - stereo mixing
  • Digital Performer™
  • Extensive plug-in libraries
  • Widescreen monitors
  • Tactile worksurfaces.
  • Microphones. Wires.