We Make Music.
Recording studios in Broad Ripple Village, Indianapolis. ISDN. Advertising music. Everything for artists and producers.

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Frequently Axed Questions
Do you guys record bands?
Under certain circumstances, yes.
Do you have any internships available?
Probably not, but call anyway.
What are your ISDN phone numbers?
I?m from the radio station, it?s Friday at 5:01pm. Where?s my damn spot?
What is a music supervisor?
A person with a head full of bands, songs, & musicians. They take their enormous love of music and offer endless oportunities for your project. They understand licensing and clearance. Most importantly, perhaps, they understand how music works as an emotional layer with story and picture.
What is the best way to remove chocolate milk residue from an Otari MX5050?
Place the unit into a dumpster and thank your lucky stars OSHA wasn’t notified.
What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

What do you mean? An African or European swallow? 

Huh? I... I don't know that. Auuuuuuuugh.


WTF? Did rippleFX go out of business?
Yeah, right. Dream on Earshot. We decided the corporate world was for the birds. We got tired of wearing ties, filing paperwork and attending annual meetings. So we tossed the inc and went freelance, just like we started out years ago. Feels good to be back in jeans and tie-dye. F**k the lawyers!