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ISDN & Phone Patch information

ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network (hi-fidelity digital telephone on steroids)
APT-x & layer-2 codecs (compatable with Zephyr™ and Prima™ systems)
Connect to three remote locations simultaneously.
APT dial-ups:
317-255-4862, -4869, -4968
317-255-4974, -9178, -9296
Layer-2 dial-ups:
317-255-9178, -9296

POTS - Plain Old Telephone Service (We swear that's what it's called.)
Digital Hybrids - No, not like the cars. These new "phone patches" give full separation (like ISDN) of caller & receiver audio over standard telephone lines. Fancy!
ADSL - Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line (no big deal - it's a broadband internet connection)
Typical usage allows you to direct a session over the phone, and then retrieve high-fidelity audio files from our secure site. Or surf the web.