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This is where we put stuff that doesn't belong anywhere else.

All of us here at rippleFX: either have played or are currently playing in bands. Some of us have played for a long time. Here's a funny video with some folks who've been playing for a very long time. wAtch

Ever wonder how to manage your women? This doctor has the answer! watch

This is what it sounds like when the voice-over talent gets suddenly light-headed in the middle of a take. Don't worry, she survived. Listen

During a long day of sound design, our client Scott Montgomery was busy writing and taking notes, we assumed. At the end of the day, he handed us this. He called it "Chris' Brain" Look

A few years ago, our friend Tom Aschauer wrote a TV spot for the Hoosier Lottery that never saw the light of day. (Technically it did air once at around 3:00AM during a rerun of Matlock.) It remains to this day one of the funniest spots we've had the pleasure to work on. Watch

In this business, we get to meet a lot of cool people in this industry. Here's Chris at a photo shoot chillin' with Peyton Manning. Chris is the one on the left. Look

Our long-time friend Kent A. Smith was in the blockbuster movie "Hoosiers", starring Gene Hackman. Really. Need proof? Look

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