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"Shattered People" Soundtrack

 Mixed and Mastered by Chris Lieber


ARISING (Arts Really Inspire Students IN Greatness) is a summer program in Washington, D.C. promoting artistic expression in high school students in music, singing, dance, writing, performance poetry, and photography. Chris Lieber, along with Indianapolis musician/producer Kenny Simms and D.C. writer/artist TeRay Bingham produced the soundtrack album from the stageplay, "Shattered People", written by Victoria Mara Rutt. The music has elements of hip-hop, R&B, jazz, gospel choir and spoken word blended with urban sound design elements. The often dark lyrics reflect the plight of the homeless in our modern society. Participating students in the A.R.I.S.I.N.G. program provided the vocals, recorded in D.C., and the music, sound design and mixing was completed at rippleFX: in Indianapolis. The A.R.I.S.I.N.G. project director is Dr. Claudia Ricci Ph.D. More information is available here.

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